Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Merchant Discounts & My Bank Coupons all about?

The Local Merchant Discounts website & the My Bank Coupons app are free benefit services offered to valued checking account customers of United Community Bank, Mercantile Bank, Marine Bank & Trust, and Brown County State Bank

Is there a mobile version?

Yes! Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download and install the FREE My Bank Coupons App on your smart phone.

Can anyone use this site?

As a special thank you to our valued checking account customers, this site can only be fully accessed by eligible accountholders at United Community Bank, Mercantile Bank, Marine Bank & Trust and Brown County State Bank. Don't have an account? Contact your nearest branch to find out about all the great checking options available, open an account, and start saving today.

How do I get started?

On the home page click on 'create your account', complete the required user information, then click submit. This will grant you temporary access with limited offers to get started. Once your account has been created, we will receive notice and will verify you are a valued checking account customer and will then grant you full access to the site, usually within one business day or less.

Do I still need an access code?

In the past an access code was required to setup or renew your account however that is no longer required. All users who set up an account will have temporary access to Local Merchant Discounts & My Bank Coupons with limited offers available until verified by your bank. Once verified as a checking account customer you will have full access.

Do I have to provide an email address when I setup my account?

You are not required to enter an email address in order to create your account; however we encourage you to do so in the event you forget your password. If you register a valid email address, you will be able to request a new password be sent to you right away – anytime of the day or night! We will also communicate with you using your email anytime new merchants and offers are added.

How do I update my email or change my user name and password?

You may update or edit your account information at anytime, including your name, email address, user name and password by selecting My Account and then My Information.

What if I forget my password?

If you registered a valid email address when you created your account, you will be able to request a new password be sent to you right away – anytime of the day or night! Simply enter your user name in the account login area and select the “Forget Your Password?” link below the “View My Coupon Account” button. If you did not register an email address, please email us at or call 217-214-1136 for assistance.

What if I forget my user name?

If you forget your user name, please email us at or or call 217-214-1136 for assistance.

How do I find the coupons I want to use?

There are many ways to locate the coupons you may want to use. If you are looking for a particular merchant’s offers, you may enter that business name directly into the search box. Otherwise, you may view all offers by Merchant name, Category, or Community. The Merchant search provides a list of all participating merchants, listed alphabetically. You may scroll through and select any merchant to view their current offers. The Category search will allow you to browse the offers first according to the type of discount, then by Community. For example, if you are looking for a restaurant discount in Quincy, you could select the Dining & Desserts category, then Quincy, IL. Alternatively, you can also search by Community and then view all of the offers within each Category. Also in the mobile app you can search by mobile or web-based (print only) coupons.

What is “My Coupon Keeper?”

My Coupon Keeper is the place to select and store your favorite discounts and any other coupons you may want to use throughout the year. Each time you view an offer that you like, but you are not yet ready to print/redeem it, simply select the “Clip Coupon” button offer below the coupon. All “Clipped” coupons are then stored in your personal, virtual Coupon Keeper. To view, print or remove these offers at anytime, simply select the “My Coupon Keeper” to access your personal favorites.

Do I have to put a coupon into “My Coupon Keeper” first before I print it?

No. If you plan to use an offer right away, you may send it directly to your print queue online or choose the redeem button in the mobile App. You may place as many coupons in your print queue as you plan to print at one time. When you are ready to print, visit the Coupons to Print section to view, remove or print your selections. You may choose to print each coupon individually or send all of those in the queue to print at once. Coupons print up to four per page and may be printed in either full color or grayscale.

Can I print as many of each coupon as I want?

No. Each coupon may only be printed or redeemed via mobile app one time. Once you have printed/redeemed a coupon it is removed from the available coupons in your account and is no longer accessible. We encourage you to print only what you plan to use within a reasonable amount of time so that you minimize any risk of losing or misplacing your valuable offers.

Do I have to try to print coupons from My Bank Coupons mobile app?

No. The mobile app allows you to select coupons that are mobile friendly to redeem the image on your smart device. Simply select your coupon when at the register ready to check-out, click redeem, and in front of the merchant, verify with 'Yes I would like to redeem at this time.' The coupon is then time and date stamped and will be removed from your available coupons in both online and mobile version of My Bank Coupons.

Are the same coupons available in the mobile app as the online version?

All coupons that are available in the online version are visible in the mobile app however some merchants do not wish to accept the mobile version so those are identified as print only. You may move those coupons to "My Coupon Keeper" in the mobile app and then log on to the online version to print them.

How does a merchant know if my coupon is valid for use?

In order for a merchant to accept your coupon, there must be a household name displayed on each coupon, it must have a valid expiration or redemption date, and may not appear to have been altered in any manner. Every merchant has the right to refuse acceptance of a coupon they feel may have been compromised.

I selected a coupon to clip and/or print, it disappeared from the list, what happened?

After you select an offer to either clip or print, it will be placed in either your Coupon Keeper or print queue. It will then disappear from your available offers. Your clipped or printed coupons will remain in your Coupon Keeper and/or print queue until you either remove or print them. If you decide to remove a coupon from one of these areas, it will be returned to your available offers and can be clipped or printed at a later date.

Can I access my coupon account from home and work?

Yes! You may access your coupons from anywhere you have Internet access including your smart phone with our free mobile app.

How often are coupons added to the site?

Coupons can be added to the site at anytime throughout the year. Anytime a current merchant chooses to add an offer or a new merchant participates, offers may be added to your available coupons. If you registered a valid email address, we will notify you when new merchant offers are added.

When do the coupons expire?

Coupon expiration dates are printed on the bottom left-hand corner of each printed coupon or on the bottom of the screen of the mobile coupons. While the majority of the offers are good through June 30 or December 31 of each year, some do include more specific or limited use date ranges. Once a coupon has expired, it will no longer be available to view, clip, or print.

Will I keep my same account each year?

Yes. Your account information (user name and password) will remain the same each year or until you change it. Each year, however, on December 31, your account will temporarily become inactive until it is reauthorized for the following calendar year’s edition.

Who do I contact if I am having trouble using the site/mobile app?

If you are having trouble accessing or using the site, please email us at Please include your name, a brief description of your question or problem, and, if needed, how to best reach you during business hours.

How can my business submit a coupon to be included?

Local Merchant Discounts and the My Bank Coupons App is a valuable free service available to any business banking customer of our participating banks: United Community Bank, Mercantile Bank, Marine Bank & Trust, and Brown County State Bank. If you are a business client and would like to participate, please visit with your banker, call us at 217-214-1136, or email us at to request a merchant packet and/or free, no-obligation participation consultation.